miracle juice

Yesterday was my 21st birthday, which can only mean one thing.

Today greeted me with a vicious hangover.

Most people recommend pain killers, sugary electrolyte drinks, and fast food.

I say try Kombucha!


Kombucha is a fermented black tea drink, made with only organic materials, completely vegan and the best hangover recovery drink ever.

Yes, it is made by fermenting bacteria and yeast which sounds gross, BUT it is so healing for your body and so helpful when your liver is screaming at you for last night’s decisions.

Food Republic published a piece about Kombucha, claiming that it has detoxifying elements AND apparently if you drink it while getting rowdy it can even prevent a hangover!

I am now a believer and recommend that everyone ditch the unnatural remedies that just put more toxins in your body and try a more healthy, body-friendly option.

There really is nothing that makes your body happier than something that comes from the earth and is meant to benefit it.

That’s not to day don’t have fun…I would never recommend giving up a bit of wine! Just remember to treat your body well so that you can get the best out of every day. xx


About daniellediab

I am a first-time blogger with a passion for writing. I consider myself a music enthusiast and my record collection is my pride and joy. I study new media to keep up with the changes taking over the futures of every industry and to learn to balance my love for the feel of an old book and the importance of new technology.

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