take me to church

An important part of my boho soul is social activism.  I like to be part of current events, to take a side and know why.

What feeds this side of me the most is social commentary in the arts.  There’s nothing that moves me more than a song with a powerful message or insight into something going on in society.

Cue: Hozier.

This Irish artist is new to the music scene, but is already topping the charts in his home country.  I discovered this song on my favorite music blog, Pigeons and Planes, and instantly fell in deep, deep love.  He has a “voice that’s smooth as it is powerfully emotive,” according to P&P’s write-up of this single.  He has those deep soul vocals that really get your gut, and I cannot describe the shivers that go up my spine every time I hear this song.

Not only does he have a powerful voice, but his songwriting is rich and intriguing, something many artists these days skimp on for fancy synth effects.  ‘Take Me to Church’ calls out the hypocrisy that infiltrates society, the judgment that people place on one another.  The video is even more haunting because it depicts a very extreme case, the lynching of a homosexual man because of his sexual preference.

Though art like this can be tough to handle, I think it is so important that artists and musicians continue to spread social activism and awareness and take a step back from the money making to send a message.

Have a splendid week. xx


About daniellediab

I am a first-time blogger with a passion for writing. I consider myself a music enthusiast and my record collection is my pride and joy. I study new media to keep up with the changes taking over the futures of every industry and to learn to balance my love for the feel of an old book and the importance of new technology.

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