random acts of kindness

Today, I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily.  I realized posts on my Newsfeed becoming more and more negative and my time on the site increasing and thought I needed a major cleanse from all the chaos.  It was becoming unhealthy for my mentality and just such an unnecessary presence in my life.  I needed to take myself away from the negativity that people spread on a daily basis and remind myself that there is positive in every situation.

With that in mind, I browsed for inspiration, for reminders that people are good and that negativity is not in the majority.

I found this through the Huffington Post:


Reddit user Braffination posted this photo of a man letting someone sleep on his shoulder on the Q train in New York City one day.  Though the Jewish man was asked by another passenger if he wanted to wake the man up, he insisted they let him sleep, as he probably had a long day.


Amongst all of the people who complain about the little things that happen on a daily basis, all the people who bring others down and point fingers, there are people like this man who had genuine concern for the stranger sitting next to him.

People sometimes rule.

Do something nice for someone this week; make a stranger’s day. xx


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I am a first-time blogger with a passion for writing. I consider myself a music enthusiast and my record collection is my pride and joy. I study new media to keep up with the changes taking over the futures of every industry and to learn to balance my love for the feel of an old book and the importance of new technology.

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