recap + giving tuesday

So I want to start out by saying how proud I am of myself…I cooked for Thanksgiving and people liked it! This is such an accomplishment for me. My family was so impressed with my quinoa-stuffed sweet potatoes (via Leslia Durso) and they all asked me for the recipe! Here is the photo from Leslie’s blog so you can all be impressed with me, too:


I recommend the recipe to anyone- this meal was delicious and so nutritious!

So, now on to another topic, Giving Tuesday.

No, I would never want to undermine the inhumane Black Friday stampedes or the world-altering deals of Cyber Monday, but since last year someone is reminding us that there is more to Christmas and the holidays than just the presents.

Tomorrow is the second annual Giving Tuesday, a day when charities nationwide encourage us to think about someone else, someone in need, someone who can’t even afford the massive markdowns of Black Friday.

The day, according to the LA Times, is “designed to help charities raise money online,” but it is so much more than this.

People trample each other over the last pair of 50% off jeans on Black Friday. Billions of dollars are spent every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving so that people can provide the best and most gifts for their families during this commercialized holiday season.

Giving Tuesday reminds us that this is not the spirit of the season, this is not what the holidays are about.

My favorite part of this time of the year is the general warmth I feel of people and the happiness that overcomes me when shop windows are decorated and people feel more inclined to help others and be generous.  Giving Tuesday, to me, is an embodiment of all of that, and I hope that everyone will take a moment to even stop and say something nice to someone. Huge donations aren’t even necessary, as long as something is given.

Joy, love, care, help- all of these things are just as important as money tomorrow, and every day.  Remind yourself to give and not to dwell. 



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I am a first-time blogger with a passion for writing. I consider myself a music enthusiast and my record collection is my pride and joy. I study new media to keep up with the changes taking over the futures of every industry and to learn to balance my love for the feel of an old book and the importance of new technology.

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