a bit of distraction

Reporting from a beautifully gloomy Tuesday.

Hello, Fall!

I am pleased to report that my culinary adventure of last week was successful! I forced my boyfriend, a man who swears by meat, to try it and have officially made him a quinoa fan!  It was a great, healthy meal and I am one step closer to recruiting a new vegetarian…or so I like to think.

This week, I am re-obsessing over a post by my favorite YouTube blog, La Blogotheque.  It is a music blog that takes some amazing artists to random locations and films them performing in crazy acoustic environments.

It is amazing.

My favorite part about the blog is the organic, bohemian feel.  Artists are taken out of their usual environment and play in the streets or in caves or under bridges- it is really an expression of beautiful music and talent fused with a reminder of how stunning our world can be.

One of my favorite live bands, Local Natives, made a video with La Blogotheque that still covers my body with goosebumps, even after several hundred views. I re-discovered the video this week after one of my friends shared it on Facebook and fell in love all over again.

I hope you enjoy and that it might distract you from whatever stresses are ailing you, even if only for a few minutes.

Until next week! xx



my attempt at fusion

I am a blogging hater.  My philosophy toward the blogosphere has always been cynical- I think ‘who cares about what I am doing today, or will do tomorrow, who aren’t already annoyed by my presence on Facebook?’

I am also a cooking hater.  My mother kicked me out of the kitchen permanently at age fourteen for almost burning down the house.

So now here I am writing a blog and simultaneously planning my vegan meal for the night.

I call this ironic fusion.

I suppose I have something to offer the blog world.  I have been a vegetarian for over five years now, consider myself a music enthusiast, love to write and live a bohemian lifestyle dedicated to health and wellness.

Not very specific, but it should work.

My attempt at cooking may not be as successful.

I am a Pinterest addict and use the site to help me with my slow climb up the culinary ladder.  It was hard to adjust to life as a vegetarian and life away from home, so the step-by-step cooking instructions and creative ideas have helped me to become a chef master (almost…) (kind of…).

Tonight’s meal is one of my favorites, courtesy of blogger Damn Delicious.  It is like fried rice, but substitutes the rice for quinoa for a healthier (and in my opinion yummier) option.

Cross your fingers for my success and try it out yourself!

Will report back next week on my success and bring you a new adventure from my week! xx