hobo chic

No, my title is not misspelled.

I do enjoy boho fashion, but even more appealing to me is hobo fashion.

Stretchy pants, hoodies and hospital socks are my favorite clothing items in my closet.

That being said, it is not surprising that my favorite fall trend is THE SLOUCHY SWEATER.

This item not only makes hobo look fashionable, it is so comfortable and so warm on these now cooling California days.  I can also wear my slouchy sweaters to work and look super fashion-forward!  My favorite are the Free People ones this season, even though they are SO out of my budget…I still like to look for inspiration and daydreaming!

Even better than this, though, is a trend that has emerged over the past few seasons and really taken stride this fall: the kimono!  Kimonos have taken hobo back to boho with the same amount of comfort and minimum effort.  

I think what I like most about kimonos is they make me feel like I’m back in the 70’s, like Patti Smith’s best friend or something.  I love it.  I recently purchased this one from Nasty Gal and love the kimono and the way they have styled it.  


Optimum style AND comfort so that I can continue to function in public.  Let me know what your favorite fall trends are! Stay tuned for some November thankfulness coming at you next week. xx


lucky 13

I’m sure you had a pretty similar Facebook News Feed to mine this weekend, with over 30,000 women from around the world sharing their experiences from the 10th Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.


I have always said that a half marathon is out of reach for me, that people who run that much have to be crazy; but, something sparked in me this weekend as I looked through pictures of my peers crossing the finish line after 13.1 inspirational miles…


I have officially started my training for a half marathon!

I searched the date for the Hollywood Half Marathon, downloaded the Map My Run Training app on my phone, laced up my bright pink running shoes and raced off…

for 15 minutes.

Yes, it was a very anticlimactic start, but I have not been this motivated about something in a very long time.  I do run regularly, about 3 miles 3 times a week, but I have always been okay with that being my limit.  I am ready to push past that and be able to say that I can run 13 miles without stopping.  It is good for my health and overall fitness, and the mental resurgence it has given me in just a few days has been amazing!

Let’s just hope it lasts.

What are you doing for your health right now? Any new fitness goals or just goals in general?? If not, I highly recommend forcing some motivation into your life.  A positive attitude does the soul wonders!

Until next week. xx


a bit of distraction

Reporting from a beautifully gloomy Tuesday.

Hello, Fall!

I am pleased to report that my culinary adventure of last week was successful! I forced my boyfriend, a man who swears by meat, to try it and have officially made him a quinoa fan!  It was a great, healthy meal and I am one step closer to recruiting a new vegetarian…or so I like to think.

This week, I am re-obsessing over a post by my favorite YouTube blog, La Blogotheque.  It is a music blog that takes some amazing artists to random locations and films them performing in crazy acoustic environments.

It is amazing.

My favorite part about the blog is the organic, bohemian feel.  Artists are taken out of their usual environment and play in the streets or in caves or under bridges- it is really an expression of beautiful music and talent fused with a reminder of how stunning our world can be.

One of my favorite live bands, Local Natives, made a video with La Blogotheque that still covers my body with goosebumps, even after several hundred views. I re-discovered the video this week after one of my friends shared it on Facebook and fell in love all over again.

I hope you enjoy and that it might distract you from whatever stresses are ailing you, even if only for a few minutes.

Until next week! xx